From 03-12 July 2020, the Yole!Africa cultural center will host the 15th edition of the
Congo International Film Festival (CIFF) in Goma, North-Kivu Province in the East of the
Democratic Republic of the Congo. CIFF, formerly known as the Salaam Kivu International
Film Festival (or SKIFF), is Congo’s oldest international film festival, an event that brings
together up to 15,000 people in non-violent protest against war and political instability. The
aim of the festival is to bring global attention to the cultural wealth of Congo—specifically to
the inspiring creativity and local initiatives that are addressing the urgent problems in the
Join us for CIFF 2020 as we grapple with the youth through film, performers, video
arts and community debates. As we approaching the second decade, the festival itself is in
the process of assessing the future with the goal of developing a professional cinema
industry in Congo. 2020 is, for us, a year of reckoning, a year to take stock of what we know
and how we act on that knowledge. That is the challenge we invite during this year’s Congo
International Film Festival (CIFF). The theme, “Decoding Ishango borne annotations” takes
Ishango borne as a guiding metaphor—both of indigenous technology and of entrenched
conflict. Attuned to the ongoing instability of the Great Lakes Region, the film screenings,
workshops, and debates of CIFF 2020 probe both local and global dimensions of the
relationship between knowledge and conflict. Against the backdrop of unprecedented
global upheaval, we wonder, for example, what the principles of Ishango born might
contribute to attaining balance and stability. In this way, CIFF 2020 is a forum that brings
questions of the future into a distinctly African context, challenging African and non-African
participants alike to define their role in the future of Congolese, African, and global issues.


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